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Stories - Paula

This 38-year old Nashville, Tennessee business woman worked ten hours a day, ran 15 miles a week and enjoyed an active, personal and professional life. In her late 20's, after taking tetracycline for acne for 18 months, Paula developed concentration problems, anxiety and fatigue. Her symptoms were disabling and she had to give up her job and stay in bed most of every day for a year.

Through networking she obtained my home address and told me her story and asked for help. I gave her the name of an empathetic physician who prescribed nystatin, a sugar-free special diet and nutritional supplements. Within a short time, Paula began to improve and within a few months she was back at work.

Here are excerpts from a letter Paula sent me in 1997: "Thank you and the International Health Foundation for putting me in touch with the physician who helped me. Rather than feeling like a limp wash cloth, I'm now back to 95% of where I started from. Enclosed with my letter is a small check for you to give to the International Health Foundation. I strongly believe in your efforts so you can count on me as an annual contributor."

During a phone visit in February 2000, Paula said, "I'm working full time in a very responsible job. Although I had a slight setback after taking an antibiotic, I'm now back on track, traveling and fulfilling many job responsibilities. Thanks again for your help. Without it I do not know where I would be today."

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