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Stories - Margaret

"My headaches were so severe I used an ice bag to try to get relief. My muscles were so tender I could not stand to be touched. Life was miserable and I started to search for answers and for help.

"My condition continued to worsen until I could not talk on the phone for more than five minutes. To just walk outside took major effort. When I went to the store I had to go in a wheelchair. I could not do my housework or even cook, much less grocery shop. I had severe spells of being unable to breathe, feeling as each breath would be my last.

"The fatigue was sometimes so severe that I could not get out of bed no matter how bad I wanted to. Before this came on me I was a very happy woman who loved taking care of my home, babysitting my granddaughter and being involved in my church.

"My personal physician was kind and caring and knew of my positive attitude. In an effort to help me he gave me a prescription for Prozac. I chose not to have it filled. I have a strong faith in God and had many people praying for me. I never lost faith that the answers were out there."

Margaret then tells how she learned about food allergies and "the yeast connection" and how she found help from another empathetic physician and his nursing staff. In a March 2000 letter, Margaret said,

"I continue to watch my diet and avoid chemicals and food additives, including MSG. I also continue the supplements every day. I now keep five-year-old twin grandchildren and an 18-month-old little brother. Also, my 89-year-old mother still lives with me.

"I work with 12 teenagers in our church and serve as the director of a very active Puppet team. I'm chairman of our community National Day of Prayer every May and last, but not least, I'm now a member of the Advisory Board of Dr. Crook's International Health Foundation."

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