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Stories - Kay

"I suffered for almost ten years. Eight doctors, two laparoscopic examinations, dilation of my urethra and much, much more. In spite of various therapies for my interstitial cystitis (IC), I was troubled by frequent urination, fatigue, depression and many other symptoms. "I improved following treatment with DMSO, bicarbonate, steroids and a strict diet. I was able to enjoy many everyday activities. Then my troubles all came back. My vulva was bright red and painful and I was troubled by constant vaginal discharge and severe pelvic pain. Numerous trips to the gynecologist proved useless. They'd say, 'No yeast infection.'

"Then a new empathetic physician gave me nystatin, and then Diflucan. After a month or so I felt great. On most days I did not know I had ever had IC. In January 2000, Kay called and said, "I'm a really healthy person as long as I follow my diet and take Diflucan from time to time to keep my symptoms from coming back.

"When I read those ads in the magazines about one or two doses of Diflucan it upsets me. Maybe it's okay for a woman who has a simple yeast infection for the first time, but if a woman has a chronic problem she'll have to take this medication much longer and be willing to work on her diet.

"To stay healthy I do many other things, including exercise, stress management, probiotics and nutritional supplements. Diflucan has played a key role in keeping me healthy and allowing me to live a normal life."

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