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Stories - George

"I took tetracycline for two years because of acne. Then in my early 20s I developed headache, fatigue, abdominal pain and bloating. I just didn't feel good.

"Check ups by my family doctor and a gastroenterologist, who carried out an endoscopic examination, showed no abnormalities. So I began feeling like a hypochondriac. I felt that a 28-year old with a darn good job and a beautiful girlfriend should feel a lot better than I did. But I didn't know where to turn.

"Then my sister said, 'George because of all those antibiotic, your health problems are probably yeast-related.' So I picked up one of your books at a health food store and I was impressed. I eliminated sugar and made other dietary changes. I also started taking caprylic acid, probiotics, vitamins and minerals and flax seed oil.

"Thank you so much for your help. My health and my life are much, much better."

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