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Stories - Dorthy

In 1969, at the age of 35, Dorothy was given daily antibacterial drugs for seven years to prevent urinary tract infections.

In 1975, Dorothy noted that she was losing strength. She began to have joint pains. Then in 1978 she was told she had optic neuritis. She had many other symptoms, including the feeling of "electricity" in her legs, mental confusion, mood changes, headaches and bladder problems. She was seen by several physicians, including a neurologist who said, "You may be developing MS."

I first saw Dorothy in 1982 and because of her long term courses of antibacterial drugs I felt her symptoms were yeast-related. So I prescribed a comprehensive antiyeast program including nystatin, a sugar-free special diet and nutritional supplements.

Seven months after beginning treatment Dorothy commented, "Most of my major symptoms have disappeared, including mental confusion, headaches, numbness and weakness. I'm also pleased that the electricity feeling in my arms rarely bothers me."

During the 1990s, I kept up with Dorothy by phone and during a conversation in January 2000 she said, "I really do believe I would now be an invalid if I had not gotten your help. I'm still working as a speech therapist and I drive to ten West Tennessee counties every month. I'm now 65 years old and although I had planned to retire, I'm still working and I enjoy what I'm doing."

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